About Ledwell Plastics Ltd

The History & Experience Ledwell Plastics Ltd

ISO 9001 logoLedwell Plastics (formerly Engineering) Ltd was started over 46 years ago in the summer of 1969 by Paul Simms. Originally the business was started as an Engineering company which produced mainly machine turned components for the affluent and busy Leicester hosiery trade. After a short time the business becameĀ  established, using Paul’s injection mould toolmaking background it made sense to move forward into the moulding industry. It was at this time the first injection moulding machine was purchased. Ledwell now not only produced finished machined components but also Injection mould tooling and plastic components. Over the following years the business naturally evolved into solely Injection Moulding and toolmaking company.

We have received awards for supplier excellence from Royal Mail and we have also been involved with our customers in many different award winning products. Two of which were featured in the millennium dome design council awards for innovative products.

Over the years we have worked with many different companies and industries giving us a broad background and a great depth of expertise. The business has now been entrusted to Benn Simms and Matthew Aucott who continue Ledwell’s tradition of excellent quality at low cost.