Further investment in new moulding machinery

2015 was a busy year for Ledwell Plastics and saw significant investment in new machinery this included 3 new Toshiba EC130 machines to further expand our packaging area and to compliment this we have added a high capacity chiller system to our existing free air water cooling system. This has given a more constant water temperature and allowed us to cope with the extra demand on the old system that the new machinery has put on it. We have also invested in a centralised material feeding system that feeds all of the packaging machinery and we have further plans to invest in this area in the near future.  Along side this we have also purchased a Brand New Hatian 120 ton machine that is due to be delivered end of January 2016 this is to replace one of our older Sandretto machines.

Our tool room has also benefited from some very nice second hand CNC machines to further compliment our existing machinery this will allow us to be able to react quicker keep control of the tooling rather than have to subcontract them.