Assembly, Packaging, Part Finishes & Post Machining

Assembly and Packaging

Ledwell employs highly skilled trained staff who are experienced in different forms of assembly.

We complete many different assembly tasks on site including.

  • Gluing of components or assemblies
  • Application of oil or other substances
  • Fitting of O-Rings
  • Self tapping screw assemblies
  • Nut and bolt assemblies
  • Packaging including insertion into boxes or bags, heat seal or staple header card

Working with our partners we can also supply assemblies ultrasonically welded.

Part finishes

Chrome plated Number plate surround

We work closely with selected suppliers to be able to offer various non standard part finishes.

  • Chrome and Gold Plating
  • Vacuum plating
  • Paint application
  • Aqua graphic

We have the facilities to enable to hot foil block logos or text enabling us to apply a solid colour, chrome or gold to your company logo or any parts that require clear identification. We can also offer pad printing by way of outsource which is ideally suited for some difficult applications.

Colour match

Ledwell can arrange for your parts to be colour matched and this can be achieved in two way’s. The material can be coloured direct from the manufacturer for larger components or high volume production. Alternatively for the lower numbers and smaller parts we can utilise paint to achieve colour match.

Post machining and thread inserting

We can often use this method to save money on tooling, for instance where you require a hole, or slotĀ  in the side of a component which would have to be removed either with a manually loaded insert or a complete fully auto side action, we can machine the part after it is produced to give the same result. This can be a great way to get a product to market at minimal cost. This method is also a very effective way of creating an internal thread as we can tap the plastic part rather than having a thread removing device in the tooling. If you require a very strong thread we can also use a threaded insert, these are usually manufactured from brass but are available in stainless steel also. The insertsĀ  are either moulded in during production, or press fitted after, either way achieving a very strong thread.