Injection Mould Tool Finance

prolease logoIt’s no secret that Injection mould tooling isn’t the cheapest thing, even though we strive to reduce the cost it can still be the make or break of a project. So to help our customers we have teamed up with prolease finance to offer finance for our mould tooling. Subject to status and providing you have been in business for 3 years prolease may be able to help you spread the payments over a period that suits your situation.

The benefits are as follows

  1. No hassle, no time wasting
  2. A deal can be sorted on the phone in no longer than 10 mins
  3. Financial info if required can be sent by email or fax
  4. All discussions and information is confidential
  5. Payments are by Direct Debit
  6. Payments are fixed so you know what you are going to be paying every month
  7.  By financing the tooling it will pay for itself
  8.  You will be preserving your cash flow

They also have a handy calculator app so you can easily find out how this may work for you please visit

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