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From humble beginnings fifty years ago, Ledwell Plastics now supplies parts to some of the biggest names in the world. The business is proud to have been recognised by Royal Mail as a first-class supplier and made parts for two of the UK Design Council’s highly prestigious Millennium Products in 2000.

Originally specialists in toolmaking and injection moulding, ledwell soon realised that clients wanted a full-service solution.

Ledwell Plastics solves your unique manufacturing challenges.  Building on years of technical expertise we offer a full-spectrum plastics solution service.   We listen and collaborate with our customers and involve them at every step of a project.

Process & Project Management

Our team will work with you through the following stages of our process to ensure we deliver top-quality service and top-quality products.

1 ⇒ Initial request for quote, NDA, CAD files and project discussion.
2 ⇒ Technical Advice and design help.
3 ⇒ A transparent quotation.
4 ⇒ Tooling and/or moulding order.
5 ⇒ Design for manufacture review.
6 ⇒ Tooling design agreed and signed off by client.
7 ⇒ Weekly project plan review and updates.
8 ⇒ Tool trials, tests and reviews.
9 ⇒ Approval & sign off, of tool and test mouldings.
10 ⇒ QA Specifications and processes.
11 ⇒ Production and ongoing quality assurance.


Our team will work with you through the following stages of our process to ensure we deliver top-quality service and top-quality products.


A legacy that spans over 50 years


Ledwell Engineering is born in a pigeon loft on Marfitt Street, Leicester, to manufacture machined components to the local hosiery trade.

1972 - 1975

Carol Simms, Paul's wife, joins founder, Paul Simms, to act as both a Director and company secretary. They survive the ‘Three Day Week’ of the mid 70s energy crisis, working 24 hour shifts and later welcome Keith Williams who comes with a great technical background.


Paul and Keith team up with a local entrepreneur to finance and manufacture ‘Boiling Point’, an instant boiling water tap. They then start the business ‘Hotta UK’ to sell the units to the public and wholesale.


Ledwell has already outgrown its premises several times and now moves to new premises at 50 Cannock Street. Along with new storage facilities, the machinery range is expanded to offer a greater range for the growing customer base.

1995 - 2000

Ledwell wins a large 5 year contract working with Royal Mail and is awarded with both bronze or silver status as a first class supplier over each consecutive year.


Working with inspirational customers, Ledwell becomes a proud supplier to two of fifty prestigious products to mark the millennium. The Duallist Drum Pedal and Hotta UK’s Boiling Point Boiling Hot Water Tap are awarded a place in the Millennium Dome by the UK Design Council.


Benn Simms, Paul’s son, is appointed as Managing Director at Ledwell with Matthew Aucott appointed as Production Director. Both have worked their way through the business from the junior ranks.

2008 - 2013

Ledwell manufactures tooling and mouldings for household names, Tropicana and Nescafé, helping them to design revolutionary products for vending machinery. Investment in state-of-the-art electric machinery continues, specifically for the packaging industry.

2017 - 2022

To lower the factory’s carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption, further capacity and keep up with demand, Ledwell invests in energy-efficient machinery including two Haitian 470 ton machines.


Our team

Today, Benn Simms is Managing Director of Ledwell Plastics as he continues with the business that his father started. Matthew Aucott is Director of Production with both having worked their way through the business from the junior ranks.

Ably assisted by a dedicated and highly experienced team, the mission of Ledwell Plastics has never changed: it’s the desire to see your business succeed.

Ledwell is Leicestershire’s leading plastic injection moulding company.

Benn Simms

Managing Director
Benn has a vast experience of product design, product development, mould making and injection moulding of plastics. Benn’s vision and leadership has grown the company exponentially.

Matthew Aucott

Operations Director
Matt has over 30 years’ experience with Ledwell covering all aspects of injection moulding & production engineering. Under his supervision Ledwell has developed its production excellence.

Shirley Boyall

Operations Manager
Shirley is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Ledwell Plastics, ensuring everything runs smoothly and deliveries are on time.

Peter Wilkinson

Sales and Marketing
Coming from the diecasting and injection moulding industries, Peter has over forty years’ experience in technical sales and marketing.

Bala Nagendra

Design and Development Engineer
Bala is always busy designing Injection mould tools and developing new products for customers. Bala has a wealth of experience in various industries.

Darren McCabe

Toolroom Manager
Darren is a seasoned toolmaker. He manages Ledwell’s state of the art toolroom

Adrian Seare

Chief Setter
Adrian or Adie as he likes to be called has over thirty years experience of setting and injection moulding. Always busy, you will find Adie on a machine in one of our factories.

Paige Otter

Quality Control Supervisor
Paige is in charge of our quality control. You will find Paige busy in our factories ensuring everything is being produced to the highest standards. Paige also looks after health and safety for the business.


Family run for over five decades

Ledwell’s journey started in 1968, when we specialised in injection moulding and toolmaking. Over the years, we’ve worked with many different companies, evolving into a complete plastic solutions provider.  Growing from strength to strength as we’ve sharpened our broad skillset.

As a family business, we go above and beyond to give our clients a personalised and professional service. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, not only on finished parts but also in the manufacture of high-quality injection moulding tools.

Our goal is simple: we want your business to succeed.