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It’s the process of melting plastic polymer pellets and injecting them into a mould to make parts. The parts might be large, small, complicated or simple and used for a huge variety of different applications across a wide variety of different industries.

If you’re looking to make parts in large quantities, injection moulding is well suited to a minimum of 1000 pieces. For lower quantities we also offer a rapid tooling service.

Simply talk to us about what you need to make. Once we know the part you have in mind, how it will be used and all the specific details for your project, we’ll suggest the right polymer for you.

Again, we can suggest this to you. Once we’ve got all the details of your project, we’ll offer you a guarantee of the right tooling material for your total peace of mind.

Just give us a call. We’ve got decades of experience in all the nuances that apply to injection moulding. We’ll help you to get the right design, in the most cost-effective way.

From recycled materials and recyclability to bio-polymers, plant-based plastic polymers and wood-filled materials we can help you deliver on your sustainable promises. Just get in touch.

We’ve been around for 50 years, staying at the forefront of parts manufacture, working across a huge range of sectors and winning awards for it in the process. Our wealth of knowledge spans the renewable sector, agriculture, vending and POS to name just a few. Whatever your project, our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to find the right solution for you.


Whatever you need, we’re here to make it.

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