Plastic Moulded Products | Ledwell Implements New dedicated assembly lines to support our clients’ requirements.

Streamlining Production of Plastic Moulded Products: How Dedicated Assembly Lines Benefit Ledwell and Our Clients

Ledwell has invested in new dedicated assembly lines to give our clients the solutions they need.

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Commenting on the new assembly lines at Ledwell, Matt Aucott, Production Director of Ledwell said, “In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial to find ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs of plastic moulded products. One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is through the use of dedicated assembly lines. Ledwell’s production lines are designed to streamline the assembly of plastic moulded products and post-moulding production processes by breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps. By doing so, they minimise the amount of time workers spend moving parts and materials around, and maximise the time spent actually assembling products”.

Matt explained further. “Ledwell’s assembly lines divide the production process into smaller, simpler steps, and assign each step to a specific worker or machine. The plastic moulded products moves along a conveyor belt or other system, with each step of the process performed at a different station along the line.

By streamlining the production process into smaller, simpler steps, workers can become experts in their specific area, leading to increased efficiency and higher-quality products. Additionally, assembly lines can be designed to maximise the use of space and materials, reducing waste and lowering costs. They can also be easily scaled up or down to meet our changing production demands”.

Matt went on, “One key aspect of assembly lines is the use of automation and machinery to perform repetitive tasks. This not only speeds up production, but also reduces the risk of human error. However, it’s important to note that assembly lines still require skilled workers to oversee the process, troubleshoot any issues and perform more complex tasks that can’t be automated.

By implementing dedicated assembly lines in our production process, we have brought numerous benefits to our business. First and foremost, we have significantly increased our production efficiency. By having dedicated assembly lines, each worker can focus on a particular task which they become highly skilled at performing. This results in faster production times and fewer errors or defects, leading to an overall increase in productivity and quality of output”.

Other benefits we have identified include:

  • improved safety
  • better inventory and supply chain management
  • reduced lead times and faster turnaround

Commenting on the benefits to Ledwell, Matt said, “One of the greatest benefits of implementing dedicated assembly lines was reduced lead times and faster turnaround. With each assembly line dedicated to a specific set of tasks, the production process becomes more streamlined and efficient. This enables us to produce more products in less time, resulting in a quicker turnaround time for our customers”.

“Dedicated assembly lines have been a game-changer for Ledwell”, Matt concluded.

To find out more about Ledwell’s dedicated assembly lines and how they may help your production requirements, please contact Matt Aucott , Production Director of Ledwell.


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