Injection Mould Tools Services


A legacy of toolmaking

Injection mould tool making is where Ledwell Plastics began, over 50 years ago. Today we use Mastercam and Autodesk Fusion 360, the world’s most well-known CAD CAM system, to produce tools of the highest quality, precision and longevity. The mould tool is absolutely key in making the finished component to the correct quality and accuracy. Incorrectly made tooling can cause many issues. Over the past fifty years we have developed the expertise and gained the experience to avoid the potential problems. Using Ledwells’ services you can be confident your design, product manufacture and route to market will be quicker and more efficient.
Injection Moulding Tool Services
Injection Mould Tools Services

How we design and manufacture

Our highly skilled design team uses the Solidworks CAD system to create each tooling design. Solidworks is incredibly powerful and renowned around the world for its flexibility and ability for detail. It’s also capable of designing the designs for the parts themselves, which then feeds into the final tool designs.

Process & Project Management

Our team will work with you through the following stages of our process to ensure we deliver top-quality service and top-quality products.

Plastic Pellets
The process begins with feeding plastic pellets into the hopper. These pellets are then transported forward by a screw inside the barrel over a one-way valve called the screw tip assembly.
Heater bands surrounding the barrel warm the plastic pellets. As they move forward, they melt, forming a molten plastic mass at the end of the screw in front f the one-way valve screw tip assembly.
Plastic Injection
Once molten, the plastic is injected into the mould cavity by the screw acting as a plunger.
Plastic Injection
Within the mould, the plastic solidifies, usually within a minute. Ejection: The mould opens, and ejector pins push the cooled part out before the mould closes to repeat the cycle.

Injection Mould Tools Services FAQs

Injection mould tool making involves creating moulds used in the injection moulding process to produce plastic parts. These tools are essential for ensuring the quality and accuracy of the final components.
We use Mastercam and Autodesk Fusion 360, renowned CAD CAM systems, to produce tools of the highest quality, precision, and longevity.
The quality of the mould tool is crucial as it directly affects the accuracy and quality of the finished component. Incorrectly made tooling can cause many issues in production.
With over fifty years of experience, we have developed expertise to avoid potential problems in tool making. We use advanced CAD CAM systems and follow rigorous quality control processes to ensure precision and durability.
Our design team uses SolidWorks, a powerful and flexible CAD system known for its detailed and accurate designs. It helps in creating both part designs and final tool designs.
The process begins with creating a detailed design using SolidWorks. The design is then refined and tested using Mastercam and Autodesk Fusion 360 to ensure it meets quality and precision standards.
Yes, SolidWorks allows us to design the parts themselves, which then feeds into the final tool designs, ensuring compatibility and precision.
The process includes feeding plastic pellets into the hopper, heating them until they melt, injecting the molten plastic into the mould cavity, and allowing the plastic to solidify before ejecting the final part.
We follow a strict process and project management system, working closely with clients through each stage to ensure top-quality service and products.
To start a project, contact our team to discuss your needs. We will provide expert advice and guide you through the design, prototyping, and production stages to ensure your project is successful.

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