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If you’re looking to minimise production costs and produce plastic parts with precision on a quick turnaround time, injection moulding is a great way to do it. We will guide you through the process and ensure your products are produced to exacting standards. We have a wide variety of plastic polymers to chose from and over fifty years of helping clients. Ledwell’s design and set-up process is robust and will give you peace of mind and exceptional value. Because injection moulding is such a fast process, it’s perfect for high-volume production runs from 100 parts upwards. The higher the run, the lower the cost, making injection moulding an extremely cost-effective way to produce repeatable products at scale. Ledwell have been providing injection moulding services since 1968.

How injection moulding works

We start every project by listening carefully to our customers. When we’ve worked through the initial stages to confirm the right design and materials, we will then custom-make the mould to suit your design. Using specialist injection moulding machinery, plastic pellets are melted and then injected at high pressure into the mould. Once the plastic has solidified, you’re component is made. Moulds can be made from aluminium, steel, pre hardened or hardened stainless steel. The type of material used to produce the mould will vary depending on what the requirements of the project are. To find out more about our injection moulding services please contact us.

Process & Project Management

Our team will work with you through the following stages of our process to ensure we deliver top-quality service and top-quality products.

Plastic Pellets
The process begins with feeding plastic pellets into the hopper. These pellets are then transported forward by a screw inside the barrel over a one-way valve called the screw tip assembly.
Heater bands surrounding the barrel warm the plastic pellets. As they move forward, they melt, forming a molten plastic mass at the end of the screw in front f the one-way valve screw tip assembly.
Once molten, the plastic is injected into the mould cavity by the screw acting as a plunger.
Within the mould, the plastic solidifies, usually within a minute. Ejection: The mould opens, and ejector pins push the cooled part out before the mould closes to repeat the cycle.

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