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Part Design and Injection Moulding Prototypes

Every customer and every project are different. We work closely with each customer from the outset, understanding the technical and business solutions they require. We make it our mission to deliver exactly what each customer is looking for. Our expertise and knowledge ensures a robust technical design and smooth process through to delivery. Our detailed knowledge of injection moulding is funnelled through the design process to create detailed component designs. Designs that not only work, but are as cost-effective as possible. We use industry standard software, Solidworks CAD, for component design. To fine tune the design for manufacture we will develop either injection moulding prototypes using low-cost mould tools or 3D printing, whichever is suited to the challenge.

Rapid Prototype

If you need a prototype produced urgently, use our in-house 3D printers service. We can also quickly produce low volume moulds in our toolroom. Rapid prototypes are available in all kinds of different materials that will replicate production as closely as possible. This is a great advantage when you’ve got an idea to communicate to potential customers or to test for fit and function.

Process & Project Management

Our team will work with you through the following stages of our process to ensure we deliver top-quality service and top-quality products.

Plastic Pellets
The process begins with feeding plastic pellets into the hopper. These pellets are then transported forward by a screw inside the barrel over a one-way valve called the screw tip assembly.
Heater bands surrounding the barrel warm the plastic pellets. As they move forward, they melt, forming a molten plastic mass at the end of the screw in front f the one-way valve screw tip assembly.
Once molten, the plastic is injected into the mould cavity by the screw acting as a plunger.
Within the mould, the plastic solidifies, usually within a minute. Ejection: The mould opens, and ejector pins push the cooled part out before the mould closes to repeat the cycle.

Prototype Services FAQs

Prototyping is the process of creating a preliminary model of a CAD design for product development. It allows for testing and refinement of the design before full-scale production, reducing the risk of errors and improving the final product’s quality and functionality.
We offer both 3D printing and low-volume injection moulding prototyping through our rapid tool service. This allows us to create prototypes quickly and efficiently, using materials that are either identical to the final material using the rapid tooling process or closely replicate the final production material with 3D printing.
3D printing allows for rapid and cost-effective creation of prototypes. It is ideal for producing complex shapes and intricate details, enabling quick iterations and adjustments to the design.
We can use a wide range of materials for prototypes, including various plastics that closely replicate the final production materials. This ensures that the prototypes are as accurate and functional as possible.
The production time for a prototype varies depending on the complexity of the design and the method used. 3D printed prototypes can often be produced within a few days, while injection moulding prototypes may take longer due to the need for mould creation.
Yes, our prototypes are designed to closely replicate the final product, allowing you to test for fit, function, and overall design before moving to full-scale production.
Our prototypes are highly accurate and closely replicate the final product. We use advanced technologies and high-quality materials to ensure that the prototypes meet your specifications and requirements.
The cost of prototyping depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, part size, the materials used, and the method of prototyping. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific project needs.
Yes, we proudly serve clients in Leicester and throughout Leicestershire. Our local presence allows us to provide prompt and personalised prototyping services to businesses in the area.
Simply contact us with your project requirements. Our team will guide you through the process, from initial concept to final prototype, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

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